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Page 1 1. How does the organization of components in the cell differ from that in man-made instruments? 2. What are the two most important foundations of the modern biology? 3. Fill in the blanks with the best words or phrases selected from the list below. Cells can be very different: first, they come in various sizes, ranging from bacterial cells such as E. coli, which is a few __________________ in length, to larger cells such as a frog's egg, which has a diameter of about two __________________. Depending on whether a cell has a nucleus or not, cells are classified into __________ and __________. Among cells with nuclei, some cells like _________ live by itself as a unicellular organism, while __________ and _________ are always multicellular. Despite the diversity, cells share amazing similarity in their chemistry. For example, the same twenty __________________ are used to make proteins. Similarly, the genetic information of all cells is stored in their __________________. Amino acids micrometer(s) viruses polysaccharides DNA millimeter(s) yeast fibroblasts fatty acids plants Adipocytes Prokaryotes meter plasma membranes animal Eukaryotes 4. List the following items in order of size from the smallest to the largest. Also, list the things that you have to utilize electron microscopy to observe.
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PracticeQuestions_Ch01 - 1 How does the organization of...

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