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- Manifest Destiny. - Eagerness for westward expansion - Monroe Doctrine came into place because there was talk of European re-attempt to colonization. - Justification of westward expansion. - More about “manifesting” god’s will. Popular in the south and west. - Northeast more focused on manufacture. - John Quincy Adams, proclaimed the entirety of the continent be united as one nation under one language, and religious principles. - Oregon Trail (Reason for Migration) - Expensive to move, required a lot preparation. Have to cross the rocky mountains. Many people failed to reach the western coast. - Texas - Part of Mexico, after Mexican independence, granted land under certain religious and
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Unformatted text preview: allegiance oaths.-Steven’s Austin proclaims Texas’s independence from Mexico.-Oregon-Jointly Controlled by British and the U.S. The US wanted up to the 54 th parallel. -California-Sparsely populated and useful.-Mexican Province, small rebellion led to a 22 day presidency.-War with Mexico-Mexican Leadership shifted 20 times during the time period.-By the time the negotiated reaches Mexico City, Mexico wasn’t in negotiating conditions.-“Blood was spilled” excuse.-Sectional Tensions with new territory.-Causes of Civil war:-Gaining of all this territory and unwillingness to compromise.-...
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