Matlab Tutorial Part 1

Matlab Tutorial Part 1 - Help and Online Documentation This...

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Help and Online Documentation This document provides a basic introduction to matlab and the best way to make good use of it is to run its examples in your computer. After you grasp the basic facts about matlab you can use the help features and online documentation provided by the supplier of matlab: There are several different ways to access online information about matlab functions: Type the following and hit the return key help to determine the syntax and behavior of a particular function. For example to see how to use the plot function, type help plot and matlab will give you the syntax of the command and it will describe how to plot graphs helpwin to get a general help menu window about all the topics for which help is available. If you type helpwin plot then you will see a new window with the description of the plot function lookfor keyword to get a listing in the command window for all commands whose descriptions include the keyword . Let us say you want to know what commands matlab has for writing data into disk. Then you may want to type lookfor write helpdesk to display the Help Desk page in a web browser, providing direct access to a comprehensive library of online help, PDF-formatted documentation, trouble-shooting information and the MathWorks web site Entering Matrices One of the ways you can enter a matrix into matlab is to list its entries explicitly: Start with [ , and stop with ] To indicate the end of rows, either use a semicolon ; , or hit the enter key
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Matlab Tutorial Part 1 - Help and Online Documentation This...

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