SyllabusABE6031_Rev_Fall2006 - ABE 6031 Course Syllabus...

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ABE 6031 Course Syllabus Instrumentation in Agriculture Engineering Research Instructor: Dr. Tom Burks Frazier Rogers Hall, #225 Office Hours: TBA, or by e-mail appointment Phone: 352-392-1864 ext. 225 e-mail: [email protected] Course Texts: Theory and Design for Mechanical Measurements , 4 th ed., R.S. Figliola and D.E. Beasley, John Wiley and Sons,Inc. Recommended Text: LabVIEW Programming, Data Acquisition and Analysis, J.Y. Beyon, Prentice Hall PTR. - This text may be helpful LabVIEW programming, but not required. Instrumentation and Measurement for Environmental Sciences, Z.A.Henry, ASAE - There will be required reading taken from text. Course Meeting, Structure, and Objectives: Lecture Period: Tuesday 6th and 7th period in room 283 Rogers Hall The lecture period will be used to develop a basic theoretical understanding of key issues in experimental/instrumentation design, signal conditioning, analog devices, data acquisition and sampling, and fundamental sensor applications. Lab Period: Thursday 6th and 7th period in room 214 Rogers Hall The lab will be used to provide hands on experience with instrumentation equipment such as oscilloscopes, function generator, data acquisition boards, bread boarding circuits, and other practical techniques. Demonstration and assignment labs will be provided and required, respectively. Additionally, the laboratory will be used to introduce the student
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This note was uploaded on 11/22/2011 for the course ABE 6031 taught by Professor Burks during the Summer '11 term at University of Florida.

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SyllabusABE6031_Rev_Fall2006 - ABE 6031 Course Syllabus...

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