Death in the Family

Death in the Family - professor's reputation, either as a...

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Death In The Family Professor Famous teaches a course on the Theory and Practice of Problem-Solving On the first day of class, an announcement is always made as to the "No-extension" policy. The Professor explains that the policy is intended to help students avoid the unpleasant consequences of procrastination that he suffered as a young lawyer. MECHANICS: Ø One-on-one negotiation Ø 10 min. prepare Ø 20 min. negotiate
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Review How can you separate the people from the problem in this case? Should the professor be concerned about whether the intended lesson will be understood by the student, or whether the experience will merely be souring? In either case, what is the possible impacts on the
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Unformatted text preview: professor's reputation, either as a person or as a teacher. What weight should that be given? What are the student's interests? What do you perceive as the "right" thing to do? Deadline : a. the time by which something must be finished or submitted; the latest time for finishing something: a five o'clock deadline. b. a line or limit that must not be passed. Rule of thumb is to never miss a hard deadline. If a deadline is in jeopardy then you should manage that situation. Other than an actual disaster, missing a deadline is not an option. You are trusted to deliver your work to a deadline, and if...
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Death in the Family - professor's reputation, either as a...

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