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New Recruit - • In maximizing “joint gain” each party...

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New Recruit This is a scorable negotiation between a recruiter and a job candidate. Each party has a “payoff schedule” indicating the potential points to be earned for each issue. Do not show your payoff schedule to the other party at any time. Your goal is to reach an agreement that maximizes your total points . Prepare: 10 min. Negotiate: 20 min. (complete the “Final Contract”)
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Three Types of Issues Distributive Issues (starting date, salary) Integrative Issues (bonus, vacation moving expenses, insurance plan) Compatible Issues (job assignment, location) Did you discover the compatible issues? If not, why not?
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Unformatted text preview: • In maximizing “joint gain”, each party should exchange (trade off) on the integrative issues that are less important for the issues that are more important. • Simply splitting the difference on each issue (4,400 points) results in leaving value on the table ((13,200 points). Lessons • Always set your Resistance Point and Target Point. • In planning, it’s important to set your “bottom line” and target so that you can evaluate various proposals made by the other party in a somewhat objective manner. • A strong BATNA raises your confidence and relative power....
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New Recruit - • In maximizing “joint gain” each party...

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