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Angela Angulo Kendrick Daniel Luisa Niebles Elizabeth Pirinis Jackie Yoon Yang Laithwaites Company We are proposing that a British wine company consider entering into the Korean market. We chose the Laithwaites Company which is known for its customer service. It has a unique distribution system that “delivers wines to your door.” This company maintains its stable income through the “Wine Plans” which consists of the company delivering packaged wines (usually 12 bottles based on the recommendations of the wine advisors). This service is attractive to customers who don’t have substantial wine knowledge but still enjoy drinking wine. The customers are able to register and recieve a variety of wines based on their needs and tastes. As previously stated, customer service is their strong point. They operate the call center within the main office, dealing with orders and complaints. The role of the Wine Advisor is critical to the success of the program. The Wine Advisor is a professional with extensive wine experience,
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