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MF Proposal - Proposal We are proposing a British wine...

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Proposal We are proposing a British wine company entering into Korean market. We choose the British company called “Direct Wine Company” a.k.a. Laithwaites company. This company is known for the customer service. This company has unique system “deliver wines to your door.” This company gets the stable income through the “continuity program,” which is the company delivers the package wines (usually 12 bottles based on the recommendations of the wine advisors). For the customers who don’t really have the wine knowledge but still enjoy drinking wine register this program and get wine delivered regularly (usually every three months). The customer service is their strong point. They operate the call center within the office, dealing with orders and complains. The peak of the service is the Wine Advisor. This wine Advisor is the person who attained plenty of wine knowledge through the official test (forgot the name…. . something with spirit wine… blarblar). The customers ask the wine advisors any kind questions related to the wine. For example, what would be the best wine for the wedding, or for the dinner with lamb. Motivation Along with the trend of rapid growth in Asian wine market, Korean wine market has been growing rapidly in last few years. Consumer Lifestyles - South Korea Spending on Alcoholic Drinks Between 1995 and 2007, spending on alcoholic drinks in South Korea grew by nearly  60%, reaching Won 7.4 trillion in 2007. Although spending on wine grew most  significantly over the review period, spirits and beer still accounted for nearly 85% of total  expenditure on alcoholic drinks in 2007. In South Korea, it has been often said that the alcohol consumption pattern is closely  related to economic conditions. It is said that the consumption of Soju, a low-priced  traditional spirit, increases during economic slowdowns and the sales of beer and 
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MF Proposal - Proposal We are proposing a British wine...

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