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Wine Wars - Wine Wars Elizabeth Pirinis BUS 435G The wine...

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Wine Wars Elizabeth Pirinis January 26, 2011 BUS 435G The wine industry is seeing an escalation in the competition between Old and New World wine makers. New World players, through their expansion and innovation, have been able to capture a large proportion of the global market while regulations to ensure quality have hindered Old World players. As the world’s largest and most competitive import market, The United Kingdom has become the front line for the battle of Old vs. New, with France representing the Old and Australia the New. While for Australia branding had become routine to differentiate high quality wines from those of inferior quality, French wine quality has become too varied to differentiate, only being labeled by the type of grape used. As the French market share in Britain
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decreases, the Australian market share increases steadily, prompting France to take the New World challenge seriously. The question of branding is the most prominent to be answered by France. The French
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