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Market Anaylsis - Market Analysis With Cilantro, we are...

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Market Analysis With Cilantro, we are were targeting people who liked to cook, are open to new experiences and who placed a high value on convenience. It is usually a lot of effort for someone to plan a meal as they must go to the grocery store, pick out the proper ingredients, go back home, cook and then have to deal with the clean up. Also if you do not have the necessary equipment this can limit what kinds of meals you prepare. This would be more likely to be the case for the younger population who did now have elaborate kitchens with all the cookware or ingredients they might need. While these people do not want to necessarily invest in cooking equipment, they still enjoy cooking and eating healthy foods. Finally, they would like to pay a price that is reasonable. During our research, we found that in the United States there are certain states that prefer cooking more than others and who are open to experiential dining (Appendix 8 Simplymap). We chose to focus on the West Coast as from Appendix 4 we found people in this area find cooking fun and enjoy the process more than in other regions. They also place more of an emphasis on the health benefits that cooking provides. According to Appendix 5, they are concerned with living a healthy lifestyle through healthy eating and keeping track of their nutrition. This region can be categorized as having ‘younger, larger, wealthier families’. The index for risk taking and trying new things that are ‘unconventional’ is above average (Pacific-US Regional Trends 335-340). Due to the health and wellness trends that have emerged in the marketplace, consumers are taking greater control over what they eat and what they are serving their families. This in turn has driven trends towards people cooking more and leading to the growth of a group of people called ‘food enthusiasts’. It is has been found that 52% of adults in the United States are currently watching their diet in order to either lose weight
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or control their current weight. As a result of this, 90% of people at least cook
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Market Anaylsis - Market Analysis With Cilantro, we are...

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