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BUS 436 Case Write-up American Well Responses are due during class on Monday, September 12 th This is individual work, not a team effort. Please limit your total response to two typed pages double-spaced. One page is sufficient NO LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES Answers to 1 and 2 may be combined 1. In thinking about the case description of the industry, what one or two industry factors are most conducive to the success of this venture? 2. Describe the core customer(s) for American Well’s offerings. Specifically, to whom does American Well market and what need is it filling for its target(s)? Hint: The end user and the target market may not be the same population(s) 3. In your opinion, what are the two or three most compelling value propositions for
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Unformatted text preview: end users of American Well ? This means: Why would any constituent group change from its current behavior to using this service? 4. What are two key barriers to adoption of online healthcare? This means: What are some reasons there might not be a sufficient market for this offering? 5. If you were running American Well which, if any, new opportunities would you pursue and why? The exercise below is optional but may help your thinking and our class discussion On a separate piece of paper, draw American Well’s current business model. This should lay out the flow of $s and services and clearly position American Well in the value chain. No words are needed other than labels....
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