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Quiz2 - A2 - Answers 2 - Quiz 2(version A-2 Name Honor Code...

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Name: ___________________________ Honor Code: I will not cheat, plagiarize or do anything to gain unfair academic advantage, and I will report anyone that does so to the Honor Council. Signed ___________________________ General Instructions: Write down your numerical answers in the underlined spaces provided. Round your final answers to two decimal places. 1. Spiffy Car Wash specializes in comprehensive car cleaning services. The exact service time and the resources needed for each of them are described in the table below. For example, each car requires a total of 30 minutes for interior cleaning. Assume that every customer who comes to Spiffy Car Wash has the exact same set of four services in the order listed below (first step is A, then B, then C, then D), i.e. the first activity is the Wash, and the last activity is the interior cleaning. Service Description Time Resource used A. Wash Exterior car washing and drying. 10 min. 1 employee B. Wax Exterior car waxing. 10 min. 1 employee C. Wheel cleaning Detailed cleaning of all wheels. 7 min. 1 employee D. Interior cleaning Detailed cleaning and vacuuming inside the car. 30 min. 2 employees (a) What is the bottleneck? Why? (2 points) Step D (interior cleaning), because it has the smallest capacity of 1/15. 1 point for identifying the step, and 1 point for saying that it is the smallest capacity (stating that this is because it is the longest activity time is technically incorrect). Answer: ______________________
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Quiz2 - A2 - Answers 2 - Quiz 2(version A-2 Name Honor Code...

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