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1. In order to make a plant transgenic, it is required to include the gene of interest that you intent to introduce into the system. Along with this transgene that contains the required characteristics, a marker gene is required in order to select the transformed cells. This gene is necessary to isolate the integrated genes among the numerous untransformed cells that surround them. Examples of this type of gene are antibiotic resistance genes or herbicide resistance genes. For each of these genes, there needs to be a promoter and a terminator , the promoter being the DNA sequence that precedes the gene and regulates the activity of the gene and the promoter being eukaryotic (existing in plants or animals), prokaryotic (existing only in bacteria), or ubiquitous (existing in plants, animals and bacteria). The terminator is the DNA that follows the gene and can stop it from transforming into mRNA (The Journal of Young Investigators). 2. It is a very common practice to make plants resistant to pests and herbicides although
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