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Lab Write Up 1 - Elizabeth Pirinis February 9 2010 Termite...

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Elizabeth Pirinis February 9, 2010 Termite Experiment Write Up Background Information Termites are white, soft bodied creates that can easily be compared to ants in the way they live. They cohabitate in large colonies which is to their advantage as they are able to collectively survive through collecting food sources that could not be available to any single insect doing this alone. They divide labor among gender, produce continuously to have more workers in the colony and take care of their babies together. They feed primarily on dead plants like soft woods, the residue of leaves or on soil. They are known by humans as pests that can cause serious damage to buildings and crops (Termites 2010). There have been experiments that have been conducted in the past that involve the use of ball point pens. Lines of varying shapes are drawn on a piece of paper and the termites are recorded as having followed these lines whether they were in a circle or just a straight line (Neel 2010). This behavior observed in this experiment (and countless others similar to this) can be explained by the fact that termites use so called “semiochemicals” to follow trails, find their mates, find and obtain food, and remember the location of their colony. It has been predicted that an element of the phermones they use to find trails is found in certain ball point, ink pens which is why termites have been observed to follow these pen lines on a paper (Bland 2010). Although in our experiment we used a sharpie as opposed to a ball point pen, if we had used a ball point pen our results could have shown a more distinctive pattern. 1
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Hypothesis : Termites are more prone to move in straight lines which is why they will be more drawn to the straight lines that we draw on paper as opposed to the circles. When they do find the straight lines, they will follow them through more so than with the circles. Prediction
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Lab Write Up 1 - Elizabeth Pirinis February 9 2010 Termite...

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