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Follow-Up Questions 1) In normal cell division, in order for the cells to divide they must have completed the replication process (that in which the DNA unwinds and forms into two separate strands) correctly. The DNA should be fully replicated, cannot be damaged in any way and there should be an adequate amount of nutrients to support the growth of the cell. If the supporting environment is acceptable for cell division, the nucleus will receive a signal from external sources (such as estrogen or proteins), and it will inform the cells responsible for the division that it is time for them to do their jobs. If there is a problem however, this process will be put on hold until the existing problems are solved. This process is different to that of cancer cells as they will continue to divide and grow regardless of any problems that could have occurred with the replication process. As they do not respond to these external factors previously discussed, there is no signal to stop them from growing continuously (Cancer Quest). 2) Cancer susceptibility genes can be defined as genes that can increase a person’s risk of
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