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In Bringing Up Baby - Elizabeth Pirinis Bringing Up Baby...

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Elizabeth Pirinis Bringing Up Baby The film Bringing up Baby , directed by Howard Hawks, makes use of range of narration, settings, costumes, props and staging to infuse the story with humor and meaning. The narration creates humor throughout the film as the audience regularly knows more than the characters. The audience is able to see the stupidity that surrounds the men in the movie who serve important roles in society as they misjudge the situations continuously. The settings and costumes help the audience learn more about the characters and demonstrate their development as the story progresses. They give meaning to the idea that women in high society can be destructive as Susan continually displays her lack of responsibility. They also hint at the lure that can be associated with living a carefree life. These factors work collectively to reveal and develop important information about the characters and meaning in the story. In Bringing Up Baby , the range of narration is used to reinforce the comedic genre of the film. Throughout the story, the range of narration is unrestricted as the audience is constantly more knowledgeable about each situation than the characters. In a number of scenes, the situation is humorous to the audience because they are on the high end of the hierarchy of knowledge. This is first displayed when Susan is not aware that she is using David’s golf ball and driving his car away from the golf course. Similarly at the Plaza Hotel, we know that Susan has given David the wrong purse to hold as he argues with the women to whom the purse belongs. When David rips Susan’s dress on the staircase, she is not aware that she is completely exposed from the back. As David attempts to explain this to her, the audience can appreciate her ignorance and the absurdity of the situation. When the setting moves to Connecticut, we have a situation where Aunt Elizabeth and Major Applegate do not know who David is and therefore do not understand the logic behind his actions. At the dinner table, it is humorous to observe their confusion as David surveys George and follows him around the corner repeatedly. Major Applegate insists that he hears a loon calling when the audience knows this is Baby. When Susan and David are arrested, Constable Slocum does not believe that they are being truthful about their search for a leopard. We see the
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In Bringing Up Baby - Elizabeth Pirinis Bringing Up Baby...

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