The object in question is approximately nnn by nnn as it is on the shelf of the Carlos Museum

The object in question is approximately nnn by nnn as it is on the shelf of the Carlos Museum

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Unformatted text preview: Elizabeth Pirinis Visual Description The object that I chose to use has a title as follows: Female Shaman seated on a Bicephalic Crocodile Bench, Central America, Costa Rica AD 500-800 The 3D object in question is approximately the size of a large coffee mug. Its surface is covered in different shades of a subtle reddish color, making it seem like it is made of clay because of the smooth texture. While the chest of the female appears a darker red, her legs are distinctly lighter than the rest of her body. The female shaman has eyes that seem to pop out of her head as they are round and relatively large in comparison to her nose and mouth. Her full lips are parted to expose her teeth. Her hair is encircled by a braided band and is represented in the form of large tightly knit circles that are neatly placed one next to the other. Her ears are decorated with studded earrings. A snake coils completely around her waist as she is seated on a bench. One of her hands is at her side while the other is holding a small cup that is close to her lap. The hand that is grasping the cup has ten distinct fingers. Her feet appear to have faces on them which can be identified by their eyes and nostrils that rest above her toes. The woman is sitting on a rectangular stool that has the heads of two crocodiles on either side of it. Their heads are raised, they have protruding eyes and nostrils and their jaws are open to expose their long teeth. There are patterned ridges on their bodies that resemble scales. ...
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