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The Writing Center My consultation at the writing center went very well. The person who read over my essay gave me very good advice that I feel helped in the improvement of my essay. They started off by commenting on my introduction. They said that the introduction was good but did not do a great job of presenting what was discussed in the rest of the essay. I was told to explicitly state what I was discussing in my essay and try not to stray from doing this. If I did this the reader would be more aware of what I was trying to say in the rest of the essay, making it easier to read.
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Unformatted text preview: I was also informed that in the essay I was talking about two different things, the desire for beauty and the disappointment of not getting what you want and wanting it more because of this. These two ideas were clear in my essay but the connection between the two was not made clearly enough. I was told to either choose one to focus on or explicitly tie them together so that there are no assumptions that need to be made by the reader. I was also told that I did a good job of tying in quotes from the reading in order to support my arguments....
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