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My diety - Elizabeth Pirinis December 9, 2008 Zelosplanao...

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Elizabeth Pirinis December 9, 2008 Zelosplanao Zelosplanao is the name of my God. His name originates from two Greek words, the first being zelos which derives from the original word zh=lov which can be translated as fervent mind. The second word that follows this is planao which originates from plana/w. It is one of the numerous ways to say wandering in Greek. Together these two words come together to mean “fervent mind wandering.” This name for my god originates from his epithets which are connected to his lineage. The god is the offspring of Morpheus, the God of Dreams and Hedone, the Goddess of Pleasure and enjoyment. He became the god of daydreaming or “mind wanderings” as he is able to alter his state of mind and think of things that please him during the daytime. Through acquiring some of the attributes that belonged to his father, he is able to have visions that are somewhat like dreams. Through his mother he acquired the ability to daydream of things that are pleasing to him and cause him enjoyment. Unlike dreams however, he can control his daydreams and their content. Through his craft he is able to whisk the minds of mortals and immortals into distracting thoughts of love, beauty and lust. Although he can compel anyone to daydream about a range of different things he has learned from his relationships and life experiences, he tends to focus on love. Wearing a myrtle around his head (like his mother Hedone) as an epithet, he puts it on the head of immortals so that they will daydream. He also uses his magic wand, covered in myrtle, to entice mortals to daydream from far away. He wears flowing robes that do not constrain him as he wanders from place to place, using his powers on various mortals.
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My diety - Elizabeth Pirinis December 9, 2008 Zelosplanao...

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