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Homeric Hymn F08

Homeric Hymn F08 - Invocation of the Muse(s Biographical...

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CL 102, Fall 2008 Dr. Katrina M. Dickson Writing Assignment Due in Class on 21 November Write a “Homeric” Hymn Your assignment due in two weeks is to compose an “Homeric” Hymn to a favorite celebrity in English. For the purposes of this assignment celebrity is broadly defined in the OED as “a celebrated person: a public character.” Your hymn should be at least 20 lines and no more than 40 lines, but does not have to be in hexameter or any other meter; free verse is fine. You must include the following elements:
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Unformatted text preview: Invocation of the Muse(s) Biographical information about your celebrity (as part of the hymn) Attributes of your celebrity (real or imagined) A farewell segment in the conclusion (see examples in Homeric Hymns) Feel free to draw upon the language and style of the hymns that we have read in class, but do not copy them directly. See if you can do what the ancient authors did and create an image, a lineage, a personality, and a history in a compact manner....
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