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stemma para - The fact that Zeus had seven wives also made...

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The assignment to create a stemma indicating the various relationships between the Gods was challenging as births can occur with both a man and woman, with either a man or woman alone and from various parts of the Gods’ bodies. This created a more intricate range of possible offspring that the Gods could have. The Gods also practiced incest which made the connections that needed to be made between them more difficult. As older Gods would have relationships with younger Gods, the tree would have to be stretched vertically in order to connect the younger generation with the older generation.
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Unformatted text preview: The fact that Zeus had seven wives also made it hard to connect him with all these women and the children that he had with each of them. This expanded the tree horizontally as all his wives had to be included along with their children. The differences in births and marriages compared to how a modern family tree would look like made it more complicated and harder to plan out. With a good understanding of the various marriages of Zeus and different ways a God could be born, I was able to construct the stemma accordingly....
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