Study Guide Midterm #2 Spring 2010

Study Guide Midterm #2 Spring 2010 - to enhance what is...

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Midterm Study Guidelines BUS 340 Spring 2010 Point Distribution Here is the distribution of points on the final (Total of 60 pts): Short Answer 66.6% The short answer questions will be VERY short answers. The questions will be answered through bullet points or one/two sentence answers. Long Answer 33.3% The long answer questions will have multiple parts. There will be two long answer questions - worth 10 points each. Material Covered on Midterm Topics Product Development Pricing Strategy Marketing Channel Retailing Book Chapters Chapters 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 Cases Datril Gilette Study Tips A calculator may be helpful while taking the exam Here are some study tips/answers to frequently asked questions: Focus on what is taught in class & what is on the slides. The book serves
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Unformatted text preview: to enhance what is discussed in class. • The testing in this class is geared towards the application of concepts learned in class, NOT in the memorization of terms. • Study the cases, as material from the cases and the class discussion around the cases could be on the midterm. Sample Questions These questions are representative of the type of questions that might be on the midterm. 1. What is the difference between product mix width and product mix depth? 2. List two reasons given in class for the dip in sales that follows the spike in sales after promotion? 3. Give two examples of third-degree price discrimination. 4. What are two factors discussed in class that help with a successful market skimming pricing strategy? 5. Give an example of a Managerial Bound....
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Study Guide Midterm #2 Spring 2010 - to enhance what is...

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