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Hayel Abbassi Professor Gottlieb English 201 11/10/11 The Allegory of the Cave Analysis and Interpretation Within Plato’s work “The Allegory of the Cave” Plato alludes to two different worlds in life. These two are the real and unreal worlds. Readers are informed of this ideology through an allegory which depicts a cave containing prisoners. Outside of the cave is the real world, where divine enlightenment is a prerequisite for entry. Inside the cave, where the prisoners are chained and bound, occurs the unreal world. Most people, according to Plato, are in this unreal world, chained by ignorance and allusions. Plato talks about the reasons for the two worlds existing and also how to become enlightened. There are heavy effects to leaving the unreal world, due to the intensity of becoming enlightened. Life in the unreal world is one filled with ignorance and materialistic values. The majority of public lives in this unreal world. People often believe what they are seeing and experiencing is real life. However, according to Plato, it is all an illusion, an easy mistake made by the masses. A common belief for many is that having more possesions and wealth is the key to happiness. It is not shameful for people to make that mistake especially in a very material world. While it is not shameful it is still ignorant, and the main reason why so many people are prisoners in the cave, chained to the ground. When we receive money or gifts, we
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Allegory of the Cave Essay - Hayel Abbassi Professor...

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