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Design trade-off approach It would be better to spend more time and money in a system that will keep a memory of what items the frequent customer buys continually. This way the system would know to reward the customer with discounts on items they buy often. This method would improve the performance of the store in the frequent customer’s opinion. It is a satisfied customer that will continue their business at an establishment that rewards them for shopping and buying what they want. It is a loyal customer that will not only continue their business with a store that rewards them but they will also tell their friends. If the customer is recommending Kudler Fine Foods to family and friends the store in the end receives free advertisement. It is better to take the time get to know the customer in order to
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Unformatted text preview: know how to keep the customer. This method takes time but the tradeoff is keeping the customer and potentially adding this customer’s friends and family members. With the three items that need to work together and to be kept equal is the cost, schedule, and performance. If the schedule is to be changed and is needed to be completed sooner then it will cost the Kudler more money, but if Kudler can extend the schedule to a later date then they will save on cost. Kudler has agreed to keep the performance level at a reasonable level and to keep the schedule at a reasonable deadline in which will have the costs to be stable for the project plan....
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