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Testing Process Summary - management loyalty card systems...

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Testing Process Summary In the testing process there are several items to check to make sure everything is working correctly. The web servers need to be checked to make sure that they can handle large numbers of connections with a low CPU and the memory levels stay below a certain percentage. The next step is to look for security issues with the web server and database that can cause issues such as caching that slows performance over time. Testing the usability of the website is also needed to make sure that the customers and all other users are able to perform tasks in a quick manner. Data
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Unformatted text preview: management, loyalty card systems, and content management must also be tested to make sure that they can use the data that is needed for the system. The next item that needs to be tested is the network links. These links need to be tested for the bandwidth capacity to insure there is correct calculations and adjustments for the rewards that are to be given out with each purchase. The last test is to do a backup and recovery plan for the system in case there is a major disaster. The backup will enable the IT department to restore the systems important data that was lost in a disaster....
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