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Ryan McGinnis 9/14/07 African Gov’t and Politics Essay #1 Nation-States: Origins and Formation Nation-states have developed in society in a manner which has historically benefited Europe and harmed Africa. The emergence of nation-states in Europe prompted a global revolution of how nations can be formed. The centralized governments of nations were only to develop through a difficult process of citizens understanding their own national identity and creating an economic system that would develop a middle-class. However, the European colonization of Africa forced the development of nation-states within African society which has scarred certain aspects of African culture. Through the creation and development of nation-states can it be better understood as to how we view European and African society today. Nation-states first emerged in Europe after the decline of Patrimonialism and Feudalism. During this time period in European history, there was not a centralized unity of the people or and centralized form of government. In Roderick Phillips book, Society, State, and Nation in Twentieth Century Europe ; Europe was dominated and fragmented into three separate empires (3). Empires spanned and controlled large quantities of Europe but none of the people who resided within the empires felt a nationalized identity. Basil Davidson recants upon this notion in his book The Black Man’s Burden by discussing the voices of the Italian people. Davidson presents the notion that Italy was not necessarily a country but rather an idea of persons who longed for Italian unity and independence (120). Such places as Italy were enveloped by Empires, such as the Holy Roman Empire, and sought autonomy and sovereignty. These ideals and notions of a completely sovereign state for Italy were embedded in the towns which dotted the countryside. In Roger King and Gavin Kendall’s book, The State, Democracy and 1
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Globalization ; they discuss the important significance of towns in the development of nation- states. Towns were able to seek more political freedoms from the empires by reducing the political sanctions of trade and tributes by their domineering kingdom and create ties with other territorial towns and neighboring empires (King 28). Towns were a centerpiece of trade during this time period. The development of trade in creating an autonomous economy was a vital
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African Govt Essay 1 - Ryan McGinnis 9/14/07 African Govt...

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