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Language Shaping Culture 1 Language Shaping Culture Luke Boyd COM 200: 09/07/2010
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Language Shaping Culture 2 Language Shaping Culture An individuals dialogue is almost entirely affected by the culture in which they were brought up. “Language Reflects Culture,” written by Margaret Cote, explains many of the variances amongst the Saulteaux and the English language. In this column, Mrs. Cote says that an individual views the planet by the dialect they speak. Mrs. Cotes explains how the Indian populous see the environment around them in a totally abstract way compared to those speaking English. She also states that she envisions two completely opposite ways hinging on which dialect she is conversing in. This essay will determine how the perspective and actions are established by the dialect an individuals speaks and how dialect does in fact directly demonstrates culture. Behavior and Attitudes The way that an individual is brought up has a direct impact on how they interpret information and they way that they deal with the life situations they go through. Mrs. Cotes explains how individuals and cultures can have completely different meanings for words. She explains that the Indian people are very precise with the words that they use i.e. us, we, they…etc. But when we look into the US culture, we see that these same words are used freely and have less meaning. This is why it is so tough for different cultures to converse and understand what each person is talking avout and may times the conversation can be confusing for both parties because of the way that each one interprets the words being used. It is important for one to learn the differences of various cultures for one to understand one’s
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COM200-languageshapingculture - Language Shaping Culture...

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