computerknowledge - Computer Knowledge 1. What does it mean...

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Computer Knowledge 1. What does it mean if a disk is fragmented? How can you defragment it? Fragmented means that the information on the hard drive is all over the place thus making the computer take more time to look for the information. When you save something to your computer it saves to your hard drive in the first available place. Example, imagine that you are getting dressed but your clothing is everywhere in the house, your shirt is in the attic, your shoes in the garage, your pants are in the shed and your socks in the pantry. This would make getting dressed take three times as long as it should. This is the same with a fragmented disk, the info is everywhere. Defragmentation brings all the related data closer together in the same “folder” and organizes everything making performance much better. To defrag on a PC: start>all programs>accessories>system tools>disk defragmenter; For a Mac: HD>applications>utilities>Disk Utility>repair. 2. You have hooked up your new printer. You have ensured that the connections are all correct, yet the printer is still not working. What is the most likely cause? The most likely cause of a printer not working after installing correctly is two things. Both you have not installed the software for the printer and the computer is not recognizing the printer or you do not have the appropriate printer drives installed. To fix this, first install the software and after that, check your computer via Online for any updates such as printer drives. 3. Describe what is meant by lurking on an Internet discussion group. Lurking on an Internet discussion group is when someone enters a discussion and simply views what everyone is saying without actually contributing to the conversation. Statistically "lurkers make up over 90% of online groups" (Nonnecke & Preece 2000). Lurking is requested to newbie’s to prevent
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computerknowledge - Computer Knowledge 1. What does it mean...

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