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Greece and Mayan 1 Greece and Mayan Identity Luke Boyd ANT 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Justine Lemos Feb. 15, 2010
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Greece and Mayan 2 Greece and Mayan Identity Personal identity of the Greece and Mayan culture are very different in almost each and every aspect. However, there are some similarities as well. Providing brief details of infancy, childhood, adulthood and senior in the Mayan culture and the Greece culture, specifically the Spartans, will be the goal of this writing. As we know, there are hundreds of cultures and millions of ways to form the identities that we see all around us today, but I think that some of the most unique and most diverse are the Mayans and the Spartans. The goal of this writing is to show the differences of both cultures while also showing that each one works in its own way for its own culture. When a child is born into the Spartan world, Soldiers would show up at the place of birth and examine the child. They were judging the childs strengths. To do this the baby is bathed in wine instead of water to see its reaction and if the baby proves weak, the soldiers would dispose if it on the hillside or take it to be a slave (or helot). The killing of infant children (infanticide) was not a decision left to the families but a decision of the city-state. After birth, nurses cared for the child, not the mother and the nurses were not caring and loving. When the child turned seven
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GreeceandMayanIdentity - Greece and Mayan Greece and Mayan...

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