Military vs College - Where Do I Go? Where Do I Go? Luke...

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Where Do I Go? 1 Where Do I Go? Luke Boyd ENG Composition I Professor Tina Moss
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Where Do I Go? 2 Where Do I Go? As teenagers reach the eleventh grade they begin to wonder where their life is headed and what path they want to go down. They wonder if they should go to college, or get a job after graduation, join the military, or forget everything right there and drop out; Hopefully, no one ever does that last one. Some students make there decision based on their SAT or ACT scores, which will ultimately decide if they will be able to get into the school of their choice or if they even have a chance at college all together. The two decisions that are most abundant is going to college or joining the military. Some teens grow tired and exhausted of school making the military an easy choice, and some love the learning experience and take off to a great college. Which one is the best choice for you? College offers students a great variety of freedom and experience. When a young 18 year old enters college for his/her first year they learn many important things, such as, icebreaking skills (ways to make new friends), networking techniques, and organization skills necessary to balance time between class, homework and fun time with friends. When students are in class they review general education classes and then they continue to upper level classes that focus specifically on the degree that each individual student chose. Students are able to read, write, and speak at a higher level and are able to solve problems related to issues in their field of study. However, there
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Military vs College - Where Do I Go? Where Do I Go? Luke...

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