Returning to School - School Returning to School Luke A...

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School 1 Returning to School Luke A Boyd English Composition I Professor Tina Marie Moss
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School 2 Returning to School After twelve years of schools (maybe more) why would anyone want to ever go back? Many people choose to continue after high school and go to college right away and some have to take a break and begin their lives in a different direction. For a few, some even go as far as making through a year or two of college before leaving school for bigger and better things…so they think. College is very important and, these days, is a necessity for better jobs and stronger minds. After high school, I went to college at Fairleigh Dickinson University on a football scholarship. It was great playing football, but having to get up and go to class everyday was exhausting and boring, and it showed when my first semester grades came out. I failed every class except freshman orientation. It was horrible. My next semester I decided that I would buckle down and take care of business when it came to school. I did well for my second semester but during those few months I decided that I would not be attending Fairleigh Dickinson the following year. Instead, I moved to Louisiana to be with my, now, beautiful wife while she
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Returning to School - School Returning to School Luke A...

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