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Running in the Heat Luke Boyd 4/30/2010 The 2007 Chicago Marathon was stopped during the race, due to the heat and humidity. 250 runners were treated onsite at the race, and 49 runners had been taken to nearby hospitals. Some of the runners were handed bottles of water by onlookers, some went into convenient stores in search of water. Runners had even given up in the middle of the race, and just sat down and cried. Some of the runners say there wasn’t enough water to go to all of the runners. However, organizers of the race said there was enough to go around. They said servings of Gatorade and water had been increased, so the runners could stay hydrated in the hot and humid conditions. The Sponser of the marathon said he felt there was sufficient amount of water supplies throughout the course. The servings of drinks are said to have increased from 1.6 to 1.8 million. There were also misting areas, water – soaked sponges, and extra ice throughout the course. Part of the problem with not enough water was that it wasn’t foreseen that runners were going to use the water to cool themselves. Organizers of the marathons said some of the runners may have been under prepared for the race and the heat, and probably didn’t know how to cope. One runner said after nine miles of running and no water for him to drink, he saw a public fountain, which he cooled off in. he also said by then he knew the race was in trouble. It is said almost 10,000 of the 45,000 registered runners didn’t even show up for the race, and about 10,934 of the runners had started the race but did not finish it. Runners who hadn’t made it to the halfway point had been diverted to the start and finish area, when the race was stopped at 11:30am. Executive race director, Carey Pinkowski said the race was stopped due to concerns of emergency personnel not being able to keep up with injuries related to the heat. After organizers stopped the race, those runners who had passed the half way point were advised to either drop
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out of the race, walk, or to board cooling buses. However, not all of the runners listened to the warnings, even as police officers had shouted through bullhorns for them to walk and slow down. I do not think the officials were at fault for the injuries of the runners. Anyone who is
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Running in the Heat - Running in the Heat Luke Boyd The...

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