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Week 2 DQ - Week 2 DQ Chap 5,6,8,10 HR Planning Alignment...

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Week 2 DQ – Chap 5,6,8,10 HR Planning & Alignment; 6-Job Analysis & design; 8-Selection; 10-Compensation What is Human Resources planning? How does the HR planning process facilitate the achievement of an organization's strategic objectives? If you can, use your organization as an example. The Planning Strategies of HR have a critical influence on an organizations future in terms of technological, economical and market forecasts; and organizational, investment and annual operation planning (Ivancevich, 2010). Human Resources is the cooperation with the organizations structure and the coordination of action(s) with the organizations goals. The facilitation of HR within the 4 distinct phases or stages of the planning process allow an organization to engage in conversation and speculation of actions from which they can collectively assess and design coherently for the organizations’ future and public identity. Though I cannot use my organization as a direct example, I submit to my fellow students
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