Week 3 DQ - Week 3 DQs CHAP 7 9 11 12 7-recruitment...

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7-recruitment; 9-Performance Evaluation & management; 11-Compensation: Methods & DQ – 1 It is of my opinion that a company cannot ask and expect employees to change or identify ways to become more efficient without introducing measures to make sure that change occurs. To be effective, these measurements must be objective, quantifiable and observable. Reliability, Relevance, Sensitivity, and practicality are the fundamental distinctions of performance evaluations. Because supervisor assessment and interpretation is an unavoidable and influential factor of overall performance, there needs to be a performance measurement based off of metrics; or self selection will takes place (Ivancevich, 2010). The strategic and tactical value gained from implementation of performance evaluations allows a company to think autonomously, effectively, and strategically in future designs of organizational strategy that are powerful enough to maintain standards that will allow
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Week 3 DQ - Week 3 DQs CHAP 7 9 11 12 7-recruitment...

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