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DQ 1 - In my very first corporate job I had a 5 day employee orientation that addressed the company’s historical goals; as well as present and future goals. That was not more than 5 hours of orientation video though. The position was commodities with specific focus on semiconductors of all sorts; purchasing and selling on the secondary market. I was hired to work with the VP of Sales; specifically handling his client base with phone calls / order processing – but I knew nothing about semi-conductors, specifically. So the remaining 4 days was regarding the industry and what semiconductors were capable of, looked like, types, clients who want them & why, etc. I believe that the orientation was extremely efficient with the reduction of anxiety and saving time. With a pre-understanding of the company’s culture and what was expected of me I was able to act accordingly; as apposed to a ‘bull in a china shop’ syndrome. Two suggested improvements:
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