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WEEK 5 – Chap 15 – Labor Relations; 16 Employee Discipline; 17 Promoting Safety. DQ 1 Being a self business generator I would submit to my fellow students that the disciplinary group I am always mindful of are the rules and regulations set forth on my financial market segment – such as the Department of Real Estate, FBI & Federal Mortgage Licensing System(s). With my role and responsibility level I am required to have systems in place that prevent others from breaking laws in addition to personal measurements. Examples Include: - Security: By law I must only use internet connections that are DSL; and not wireless. I must have all offices locked with access ability controlled to those in positions of authority; a paper shredder & all files with client confident materials such as bank account numbers stowed with lock and key. - Quality Control: In place to address intentional misrepresentation, omission, and other fraud types in connection to a home loan.
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