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SERTS Project Description and Requirements (Spring 2006) SERTS stand for “Science/Engineering Research and Teaching Synthesis.” You will be teamed up in groups of 3 or 4 with a scientist-in-training to learn about his/her research during six hours of tutorial sessions. At the end of this experience you will be asked to write a paper describing your experience. Your SERTS tutor will provide everything you will need to write this paper; there is no additional library work. Remember, the SERTS project/paper is worth 30% of your grade in MSE-101! Please turn in 2 paper copies of your paper as well as an electronic version (as an email attachment)! The Process: 1. You will be asked to choose from a menu of available weekly 2-hour time slots before tutor assignments are made. 2. Once SERTS assignments have been made, you will be asked for three weeks of commitment to meet with your tutor during that 2-hour time period each week. 3. Your tutor will give you two scientific papers to read prior to your first meeting together as a group. Please read them and come prepared for discussion. Don’t be afraid if one of both of the papers is way above your head. 4. There are no make-up sessions in SERTS and changing groups, once assigned, is not permitted. Your SERTS term paper grade will be dropped 25% for each two-hour session missed. 5. The first meeting with your tutor will orient you to the background motivation, and process of the research he/she is carrying out. 6.
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SERTS_Project_Description_and_Requirements_2006 - SERTS...

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