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MatSci 201: Introduction to Materials Homework #3: Due Wednesday, October 8, 2008 by 5 PM Submit in class or in the hanging folder outside 3035 Cook Hall No late homework accepted. 1. (a) Callister, Question 4.2 (b) Just prior to melting (say 1060°C), by how much do the vacancies in gold increase? 2. (a) Assuming that there are no iron atom vacancies, find the maximum amount of carbon that could be dissolved interstitially in an FCC arrangement of iron atoms. Take the carbon to only occupy the largest interstitial sites (what you determined
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Unformatted text preview: in Homework #2). (b) If your answer is different from the experimentally observed value of 2 weight percent, give a possible explanation. 3. Callister, Question 4.4 4. What happens if a positive edge dislocation meets a negative edge dislocation on the same slip plane with a parallel Burgers vector of the same length? Show with sketches. 5. For a BCC single crystal, would you expect the surface energy for a (100) plane to be greater or less than for a (110) plane? Why? 6. Callister, Question 4.29...
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