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MatSci 201: Introduction to Materials Homework #1: Due Friday, September 26, 2008 by 5 PM 1. In class on Tuesday, four examples were given to address the question, “Why Materials Science?”. Provide another example from your own discipline, describing in a few sentences (a) what the component or innovation is and (b) how materials science and engineering has contributed to its advancement. 2. Callister, Chapter 2, Question 2.20 3. The compound GaAs is an important semiconductor in which atoms are joined by mixed ionic-covalent bonding. What fraction of the bonding is ionic? 4. Callister, Chapter 2, Question 2.23 5. Elaidic acid and oleic acid have the same chemical formula, but they have two different molecular structures. The elaidic acid molecule is straight,
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Unformatted text preview: while the oleic acid molecule is angled. Which of the following statements is true? (a) The angled shape of oleic acid molecules makes it more difficult to pack the molecules closer together. The attractive interaction becomes weaker. Therefore, the melting point is lower. (b) The straight shape of elaidic acid molecules makes it easy to pack them in an orderly arrangement as in a crystalline solid. Mild thermal excitation can disturb this orderly arrangement, turning it into a liquid. Therefore, the melting point of elaidic acid is lower. (c) These two acids should have the same melting point since the chemical formula is identical....
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