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MatSci 201: Introduction to Materials Homework #4: Due Wednesday, October 22, 2008 by 5 PM Submit in class or in the hanging folder outside 3035 Cook Hall No late homework accepted. Electronic and Optical Properties 1. Callister, Question 18-10 2. Callister, Question 18-19 3. Callister, Question 18-23 4. Callister Question 18-31 5. Starting with pure Si, we introduce 1 x 10 16 boron atoms/cm 3 and 8 x 10 16 phosphorus atoms/cm 3 . What type of semiconductor do we have> Justify with a short explanation and/or calculation. 6. Callister Question 18-40 7. Zinc selenide has a band gap of 2.58 eV. Over what range of wavelengths of visible light is it transparent? 8. In class we discussed solar cells based upon the pn junction.
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Unformatted text preview: The current voltage characteristics are defined by the standard equation: I = I o exp( eV / k B T ) − 1 [ ] , where the symbols have their usual meaning. In the presence of light with energy greater than the bandgap of the semiconductor, the preceding equation is modified by the addition of a term α G, where G is the solar intensity and α some positive constant, as follows: I = I o exp( eV / k B T ) − 1 [ ] − α G . a. Explain the minus sign in front of α G. b. Starting with the above expression, show that at sufficiently high solar intensities that the voltage output under open circuit conditions (I=0) is related to the solar intensity by V = k B T e ln G I o ....
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