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People Express Simulator Report Prepared for Professor Nam Sung Ahn Prepared by Group 4 Huan Long Oyunaa
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Our group began to run the simulator with only 3 aircrafts and 165 employees in People Express (PE), after 10 years operation, now PE becomes an airline company owning 20 aircrafts and 529 employees, with $251.5 Million revenues and $84.0 Million net incomes at the 10 th year. Now let’s look in detail to see how we got here. For each quarter of the total 10 years, we have the opportunity to make five decisions, which are Aircraft Purchase per Qtr, People Fare, Marketing as Fraction of Revenue, Hiring, and Target Service Scope. At the beginning of running the simulator, the Quarter 4 of Year 0, PE didn’t plan to purchase new aircraft; priced the routes at an average of $0.09/seat-mile; spent 10% of revenues in marketing; kept the staff constant by hiring replacements for the 9 employees who left during the last quarter; and sticked target service scope to 0.60. From all those preconditions, we realized that PE is a no-frill airline, with few assets (only 3 aircrafts), and low customer demand growth rate. However, because PE only owned 3 aircraft but had 165 employees, the service quality is pretty high, up to 1.0. Thus, for the 1 st Quarter of the 1 st year, we decided to increase the marketing cost by changing the Marketing as Fraction of Revenue to 0.30, to increasing the demand growth rate. Meanwhile, in order to generate more cash for future investment, we increased the People Fares from 0.09 to 0.11, which was still much lower than the competitors’ average of $0.16/seat-mile. However, we sticked with the initial fleet of three, and kept the Hiring and Target Service Scope unchanged, owing to lack of cash. We kept this strategy for 5 quarters, until the end of the Quarter 1, Year 2. Because of this strategy, PE’s stock price was constantly increasing, from $1.88/share up to near
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This note was uploaded on 11/22/2011 for the course BUS 305 taught by Professor Gerogepeterson during the Fall '10 term at Solano Community College.

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PE Report-Group 4 - People Express Simulator Report...

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