Energy Efficiency in the US

Energy Efficiency in the US - Energy Efficiency in the U.S....

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Energy Efficiency in the U.S. 1.1. Government's policies Information and Education The U.S. government realized that increasing awareness of energy use and knowledge about specific energy-saving opportunities would enable end-users to act more swiftly in their own financial interest. Programs and activities have been proceeded in this area, by federal, states and even municipal governments, include proving more information on utility bills or use of in-building display ; voluntary standards which persuade users to obey certain standard of energy consumption, without obligation and legality bound; additional device-and building-labeling schemes to inform users how much energy consumed in certain devices and buildings; audits and assessments to provide the professional measurement of energy consumption of residential, industrial, and agricultural aspects; and awareness campaigns to arouse awareness of energy efficiency from users. Incentives and Financing Given the large upfront investment needed to capture efficiency potential, the U.S. government implemented various approaches to reduce financial hurdles that end-users face. The options include financing vehicles , to reducing total payment or interest rate, or providing other financial incentives for consumers who purchase the energy-saving vehicles; monetary incentives and/or grants, including tax and cash incentives; and price signal , including tiered pricing and externality pricing. Codes and Standards In some cluster of efficiency potential, some form if mandate should be warranted to expedite the process of capturing the potential, particularly where end-user or manufacturer awareness and attention are low. Those may include mandatory audits and/or assessments, equipment standards, and building codes, including improving code enforcement. Most programs and certifications in the U.S. include not only one option as above; therefore, several most critical and influential codes and standards will be introduced. Energy Star
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Energy Efficiency in the US - Energy Efficiency in the U.S....

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