US energy report - 1. Purpose of the report Nowadays, the...

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1. Purpose of the report Nowadays, the world is facing serous energy challenges, especially for the U.S., the largest energy consumer in the world. On the one hand, the scientists around the world are trying to develop new green and renewable energy to resolve this issue. However, it’s considerably time- and resources-consuming. Alternatively, enhancing energy efficiency can be the optimal approach to mitigate the urgent situation. This report aims to provide a basic and brief introduction of energy efficiency use in the U.S., through answering those following questions: What is the current situation and predicted trend of energy consumption in the U.S.? What kinds of problems and barriers the U.S. confronted in terms of enhancing energy efficiency? What the government and other organizations did for resolving those problems? What kinds of technologies can be used to enhance energy efficiency? What kinds of strategies and technological innovation can be adopted to enhancing energy efficiency for a long-term? Moreover, this report adds the Chinese policies on green technology to increase energy efficiency, to compare governments’ policies of China and the U.S., regarding to enhancing energy efficiency. 2. Scope of the report This report includes quantitative and qualitative data relating to energy efficiency use in the U.S. so far, with a certain of projected data worked out by McKinsey consultants team. The data is recorded on a nation-wide basis, with some data of Chinese government’s policies for enhancing energy efficiency. In this regard, it covers environmental and social barriers to unlocking energy efficiency. It also covers the policy and technological approaches to resolve barriers, both in the U.S. and China. In addition, it also brings together promising technologies suggested by experts to improve energy efficiency in both short term and long term. This report is built on the foundation established in several earlier reports, including Unlocking Energy Efficiency in the U.S. Economy ; Advanced Technologies for Energy ; and The China GreenTech Report 2009 .
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3. Covered contents The efficiency of energy has been the goal of many initiatives within the U.S. over the past several decades. However, it still remains a huge potential to improve. This report will demonstrate those barriers that deterred the fully unlocking of energy efficiency, introducing policies and technological solutions have been done to address those barriers. It also provides an overall strategies and technological suggestions to enhance energy efficiency in the future. Moreover, it provides policies Chinese government implemented to address issues of energy efficiency in China, to make a parallel comparison. The first part of the report will introduce the energy consumption in the U.S., including
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US energy report - 1. Purpose of the report Nowadays, the...

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