Lecture Notes_Chapter 03 BUS508

Lecture Notes_Chapter 03 BUS508 - BUS 508 Lecture Notes...

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BUS 508 Lecture Notes Chapter 3 Operations strategy Operations Strategy at Flextronics o Marketing requirements Low costs Responsiveness Flexibility o Operations strategic decisions Industrial parks, with --low cost but close locations --and co-located suppliers Operations Strategy at Ryanair o Market requirements Low prices Reliability Basic service o Operations strategic decisions Stripped down service One technology 1
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Cheap airport locations Fast turnround What is strategy? o Setting broad objectives that direct an enterprise towards its overall goal. o Planning the path (in general rather than specific terms) that will achieve these goals. o Stressing long-term rather than short-term objectives. o Dealing with the total picture rather than stressing individual activities. o Being detached from, and above, the confusion and distractions of day-to-day activities. o Strategic decisions are those decisions which: are widespread in their effect on the organization to which the strategy refers, define the position of the organization relative to its environment and move the organization closer to its long-term goals. ‘Operations’ is not the same as ‘operational’ o ‘Operations’ are the resources that create products and services. o ‘Operational’ is the opposite of strategic, meaning day-to-day and detailed. o So, one can examine both the operational and the strategic aspects of operations. How is operations strategy different to operations management?
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Lecture Notes_Chapter 03 BUS508 - BUS 508 Lecture Notes...

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