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Lecture Notes_Chapter 04 BUS508

Lecture Notes_Chapter 04 BUS508 - BUS 508 Lecture Notes...

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BUS 508 Lecture Notes Chapter 4 Process Design Nature and Purpose of the Design Activity o Products, services and the processes which produce them all have to be designed. o Decisions taken during the design of a product or service will have an impact on the decisions taken during the design of the process which produces those products or services and vice versa. The Design of Products/Services and Processes are Interrelated and Should be Treated Together o Products and services should be designed in such a way that they can be created effectively. o Product/service design has an impact on the process design and vice versa. o Processes should be designed so they can create all products and services which the operation is likely to introduce. The Overlap of Activities is Greater in Service Design In manufacturing operations overlapping the activities of product and process design is beneficial. In most service operations the overlap between service and process design is implicit in the nature of service. 1
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Process Mapping Symbols Process mapping symbols derived from ‘Scientific Management’ Process mapping symbols derived from Systems Analysis Operation (an activity that directly adds value) Beginning or end of process
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