Case Brief 3 - Huan Long (201005051) Case Brief 3:...

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Huan Long (201005051) Case Brief 3: CULLISON, Appellant, v. MEDLEY, Appellees Facts: On February 2, 1986, Cullison encountered a 16-year-old girl Sandy. After exchanging pleasantries, Cullison invited her to come to his home to talk further. A few hours later, Sandy’s father—Ernest, and her other family members broke into Cullison’s mobile home and threaten him to leave Sandy alone, with a revolver. Even though Ernest never withdrew the gun from his holster, he grabbed for the gun a few times and shook the gun at Cullison while threatening to “jump astraddle” of Cullison if he did not leave Sandy alone. No one actually touched Cullison, however, he got frightened while Ernest kept moving his hand toward the gun. Approximately two month later, Ernest flared at Cullion in a menacing manner while again armed with a handgun in the public. Because Cullison learned shortly after the incident at his home that Ernest had preciously shot a man, the later occasions happened in the public add
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Case Brief 3 - Huan Long (201005051) Case Brief 3:...

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