Case Brief 4 - Huan Long (201005051) Case Brief 4: DICKENS,...

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Huan Long (201005051) Case Brief 4: DICKENS, Plaintiff, v. PURYEAR, defendant Facts: A 30-year-old man, Dickens, shared sex, alcohol, and marijuana with a 17-year-old girl. On 2 April 1975, the girl’s parents, the defendants, lured the plaintiff into rural Johnston County. The girl’s father, Earl Puryear, pointed a pistol between plaintiff’s eyes, and then, let four men armed with nightsticks beat the plaintiff into semi- consciousness. Defendant Earl Puryear, while brandishing a knife and cutting plaintiff’s hair, threatened a plaintiff with castration. Two hours later, the plaintiff finally was set free after the defendant threatened to kill him unless he left the state of North California. On 31 March 1978, the plaintiff filed his complaint. IT alleges that as a result of defendants’ acts plaintiff has suffered “sever and permanent mental and emotional distress, and physical injury to his nerves and nervous system”. The Court of Appeals concluded that plaintiff’s claim was barred the one-year statute of
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Case Brief 4 - Huan Long (201005051) Case Brief 4: DICKENS,...

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