Case Brief 8&9 - Huan Long (201005051) Case Brief...

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Huan Long (201005051) Case Brief 8: Roberts v. Ring Facts: A seventy-seven-year-old man was driving on a much traveled street. His sight and hearing were defective. A seven-year-old boy who had been riding on the rear of a buggy ran from behind of the buggy across the street to the west. When he passed in front of defendant’s automobile, he was struck and injured. Rules of Law: Hannula v. Duluth & I. R. Ry. Co., 130 Minn. 3, 8, 153 N. W. 250; Powell v. Berry, 145 Ga. 696, 89 S. E. 753, L. R. A. 1917A, 306. Issues: 1. Should the boy be charged as contributory negligence, considering his age? 2. Should the defendant be charged as negligence, considering his physical infirmities? Holdings: 1. No. In determining whether the boy was negligent, we should follow the degree of care are commonly exercises by the ordinary boy of his age and maturity, as well as under similar situation. 2. Yes. Defendant’s infirmities did not tend to relieve him from the charge of negligence. Rationale: 1. If it’s not a boy, but an adult acted as did the boy and got injured, he may can be determined negligence. However, this situation happened on a boy, a minor, we
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Case Brief 8&9 - Huan Long (201005051) Case Brief...

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