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Case Brief 17&18 - Huan Long(201005051 Case Brief...

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Huan Long (201005051) Case Brief 17: NOBLE v. WILLIAMS Facts: The plaintiffs were teachers hired by the public school in Jackson, Ky., in 1908. However, the school board failed to pay rent for the schoolhouse, and buy other materials to support the teaching. In order to conduct the school, the plaintiffs paid those fees voluntarily. Then, they brought an action for recovering those expenditures against the school board. Issues: 1. When the employee, in contracting, cannot complete his work owing to the work condition the employer provided; is he obliged to pay for fixing the condition, just like this case? 2. Moreover, was the school board obliged to reimburse those expenditures to the plaintiff, even though the plaintiff paid those voluntarily? Holdings: No. According to the court, “the teacher had no right to supply it themselves (Issue 1), and then recover the rent (Issue 2)”. Rationale: 1. The plaintiff only should fulfill the obligation on the contract, which was conduct the teaching. It was the school’s obligation to provide the appropriate work condition for them to complete the work. The plaintiff didn’t need to fix the problem. 2. When the plaintiff found that they couldn’t conduct the teaching, because the
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Case Brief 17&18 - Huan Long(201005051 Case Brief...

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