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Body Shop - Introduction"The Body Shop International Plc...

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Introduction Page 1 "The Body Shop International Plc: 2001" (Case 8) Please note: Copyright © 2001 by the Trustees of the University of Virginia Darden School Foundation. Revised March 7, 2006. 1) This is a working model. Assumptions / Inputs presented can be changed to vary the results. 2) This model intentionally incorporates circular logic. To resolve this circularity, please instruct Excel to iterate 20-30 times in recalculating the model. This is achieved by clicking on Tools/Options/Calculation, and on the iteration button. 3) As long as default spreadsheet calculation is "automatic" the impact of changing assumptions will be computed in real time. If calculation is set as "manual" you should press the F9 function key to recalculate results. To set numerical calculation settings to automatic look under tools, options, calculations menu.
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Exhibit TN1 The Body Shop Plc 2001: Hypothetical Three-Year Forecast Worksheet, Drawing on Case Exhibit 8 Fiscal Year Ended February 28 Assumptions Forecast 1999 1999 2000 2000 2001 2001 (GBP) (% sales) (GBP) (% sales)
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